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To Seek - text


Why has it come to this—the persecution of faith?
Flagrant, notorious, is it all worth dying for?
Death to human souls it brings, slaying of the free.
“Give me back my land,” he says. Let the people be.

To seek a new future; to mourn for the people of war.
To seek a new freedom; to pray for the dying and sore.
To seek a new homeland; to bring all the chaos to end.

Send your son across the sea so he can wait in line.
Give him a prayer and a gun to live in all uncertainty.
Fighting the beliefs of the Israelites.
Shave your head, sell your soul, and give up all your rights.

Madness corruption, is why we’re over there.
Drill the land, juice the sand to make our motors run on.
Draft the boys, pick up their toys, look into their eyes.
Feeling angry, feeling weak, what a fucking surprise.

Text přidal DevilDan

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