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Overunderachiever - text


You’re always talking, but you’ll never be heard.
You wanted first, but you’ll always be third.
Remember nothing—alcoholic blur.
Think you’ll ask her, but you’ll never be sure.
Twisted mind; you wish your thoughts were cleaner.
This overwhelm you can never deter.
Well wishes, but they didn’t occur.
All because you didn’t lift a finger.

In things with meaning you were never concerned.
Wanted to know, but you never did learn.
Your mouth wide open, but it wasn’t your turn.
And spent the money that you know you can’t earn.
Knocking me although you know you’re a turd.
The goals in which you wish you could’ve conquered
are mounting in a file of never referred
just like a pile of people not remembered.

I wish you well my friend—like all the others.
Each time you screw someone and toss them out
like old furniture, I will give everything I’ve got to
end your schemes prematurely. Until you turn your
take to giving, you will be labeled by the same name:

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Video přidal DevilDan

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