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Magnitude - text


You don’t take me seriously; I will show you.
Won’t waste my pride on you; won’t waste my time.
Energy depleting; must keep my focus.
Time is my guide, and the sun is my light.

The goal created in my mind.
Deceptive truth is still a lie.
Tell it the way it really should be,
or let your days’ end begin.

Accept me, but as a fool is your reason
—putting me down to your friends without thought.
When asked what you really think by me you fester
like the mold in your brain: one big clot of insane.

Magnitude rising; your palms start to sweat.
You’re burning inside, and it’s growing again.
Trying to be something truly you’re not.
By tearing me down guess just where you will rot.

I can’t help but feeling you wish to be different.
You are the one who is suffering inside.
Can’t seem to let go; hold on to security.
Internal war—it is yours. No, not mine.

Text přidal DevilDan

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