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Flight of Dusk - text


No human feels the truth.
I will suffer ever more and die.
Die in vain.
Die from careless waste and see the future of mankind.

Breath of air is no aid.
I must land and live my final day.
Can’t they see what they’re burning in the air
is no good for the race?

Red sun shines through the haze.
Make a dollar there’s no time to waste.
There’s no time.
He is selfish, guilty of the tainted skies and my own end.
Is it fair? My own life depends upon their will.
Will it change?
I see no future for my own dying race
and the loss of my young.
Human waste is to blame. Will it ever change? No!

Soaring through the impure skies.
My stroke becomes ever weaker.
Life expectancy is due to change.
My life is a flight of dusk.

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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