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12:34 - text


And when I arose I looked up.
This sort of omen was following me,
maybe even guiding me.
And in the next moment it was gone.
But wouldn’t you know it would come back again and again?

The time is now 12:34. Will it leave me?
Because it will never change.
I can’t explain the symbolism.
But do I want it to go?

The feeling it brings is that of bad.
But how can I judge it when nothing bas has happened?
Or is it a spiritual thing
that only can be brought out of my inner self?

If you hear what I say, it will happen to you.
This mystical draw that obtains your full attention.
To remain clear and open is your goal,
but all you will see is now the time is 12:34.

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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