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Welcome to my butchershop
Here are my tools
A big, big, chop shop
And blood thirsty fools

They stand at a podium
Only puking bile
Promising opium
But giving only smiles

Democracy for everyone who can pay
Such disgusting words stun
Yet you stay

I'll eat your hopes
And I'll crush your dreams
You will never cope
I'll feast on your screams

My knives are ready
And now it's time to cut
My hands are steady
Society is dead and rots

Join this union
And I'll promise to kill
'Cause that's what you want
You crave for the thrill

Yes, that's what I think
'Cause you aren't doing a thing
Nothing to stop it
Not a god damn thing

Text přidala GodKill

Composition of Flesh

Corrosive Carcass texty

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