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Preserved in Ash - text

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Awakened by claps of celestial hands
The mountain, once guardian
Now soars in the wind
Explosion, a call from our Father’s sphere
Unending, surrounding
Reprisal for sins that we prayed would disappear
Cloud bereft of rain
Oblivious to the many signs
A pervasive haze
Always above, as we slept through our lives
The promise of the end of days
By the fire sky we make our way
through burning wind
Bracing ourselves for the impending sight
of our frozen kin
Head to the sea!
On this volatile path
Follow the sun!
Through the cracks in the ash
Carry the weak!
Demonstration of grace
Salvage our souls!
From the tendrils of fate
All for naught
The heavens aflame
Thy will is done
By hubris we fall under sheets of violent rain
Preserved in ash, we lay immortal
Circular passage of time
Augury bestowed upon the blind
Monument to avarice, memorial in stone
Witness to the callowness, alone

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