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Now you've been watchin' me and I've been watchin' you
So I decided to just come and talk to you
Ain't tryin' to run no game, just wanna know your name
And by the smile that's on your face I see you feel
the same
So can I talk to you and maybe after school
I could walk you home if that's cool with you
And then later on I'll call you on the phone
And then I'll make you mine by singin' you this little
[CHORUS: x2]
Hush little lady, don't you cry
Gonna bet that I could show you how to have a good time
Like me and you playin' after school
On the weekend, at the skating rink'll be cool
Oh, oh, look
On the weekend, me and you and some friends
We could go for a ride in the back of the Benz
In the park take pictures, me and you in the Hawk
Play games, hide-n-seek till it get dark
I like when you playin' when you callin' my name
That's how I feel, hope you feel the same
Stuffed dolls, merry-go-round
So me and you six flags, girl, how that sound, uh
I can tell you're feelin' me, and girl, it's plain to
That you and me we got a little chemistry
That's why I'm dyin' to do everything you wanna do
Anything that you want I can give, give it to you
So what's it gonna be, is it gonna be you and me
You gotta let me know, don't keep me hangin' on
Tell me what I gotta do to get it through to you
I want you to be my baby, so
So here we are face to face
I gave you space and tried to wait
Be patient, girl
Keep it real, I really wanna make you mine
So tell me, so what you gonna do
I'm alone when I come through know me I'm Reema you
I'm too fly kinda cute too that's right
what you wanna do now you know how I do
when you see me in school see I can't get with you
cuz you reming me of a boy I knew
Don't cry, don't cry, don't cry, don't cry
Basketball is my favorite sport
Six man's shoes when I'm on the court
Baby Hummer parked right outside
Top down is how we ride
Frank Miller to tell the time,
VIP, no standin' in line
P. Miller from head to toe
You my Boo, girl, I need to know
Come on
Be cool, be cool, be cool It'll be cool

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