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Party (feat. Kojey Radical) - text


We've got a problem, sitting in front of two piles of albums
We were so happy the times that we bought them
All that we know about love is ain't all that we have learned
Helping you up when I don't even wanna
Carry in boxes these memories for ya
I'm not a smoker, but now I'm searching for a light

We've been having a party
And all our friends are having a laugh, hey
But it's not so funny to me
When morning coms, you will be gone

We've got a problem, playing our song but
We're done with the dancing
It won't be long before everyone asking
Wishing that we could still talk about it
You'll get all that we have got
Your own decisions will come back to haunt ya
And I'll be the ghost of the lover who lost it
Is there a way that we can talk about it?
Oh, no

We've been having a party
And all our friends are having the fun, hey
But it's not so funny to me
When morning coms, you will be gone
We're just having a party
This feeling I could go few more rounds, hey
Nobody knows it than me
When morning come, you will be gone
When the music stops

I can never bite my tongue when I'm love drunk
Tell wisdom hold me back, you're fav to take a shot
Your destiny was chasing these dreams
Just got me lost, well, I've gone too far
Temptation when it may plan
These lemons are far too bitter, a double came on the rocks
This was never breaking news
(All that we've been through)
We might never get that time back, but never needed to
Wait for me, I am way too selfish, I am way too
Way too helpless, I am way too much
This can't be healthy for us
Understand we over stood like Badu
And Mali was us
When you told all I needed was trust
We'll make it work
Truth back and forth just make it less
Every piece of advice could fill the hass
Replace could only help you remember wealth
Why can't I smile when I'm happy for you?
Pop a bubble, tryina [?]
So you know this already, shouldn't have to tell you
Who cares if I make a scene?
This is my house, this was our home
Before you turned the lights out
Wisdom told me let her go, they told me that you'd come back
Your destiny's yours to chase
I try to keep up my tap
I promises on your finger
Your weapons upon my back
I promise to have my back
You promise that you'll be

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