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Beneath the bare light bulb above
She gazed into the eyes of love
Bathed in the dirty neon lights
She begged him "Don't go out tonight"
If we work out somehow maybe
We could find a way out baby
And he laughed and said "I got to go"
And she cried "No
Johnny Johnny no
Oh Johnny Johnny no"
His arms were warm and strong and young
"I promise I won't hurt no one"
"Oh baby when you gonna learn
Them folks uptown got bread to burn
When they see me flash my knife
They'll be fearin' for their life
They won't give me trouble, this I know"
And she cried "No
Oh Johnny Johnny no
Johnny Johnny no"
The night passed like a thousand years
The tenement room had culled her tears
Then came a knock upon the door
Two men she'd never seen before
"Did you know Johnny Brown, miss?
We hate to tell you this but
Has he a relative you know?"
And she cried "No
Johnny Johnny no
Oh Johnny why'd you go
Johnny Johnny no"
And she cried "No"

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