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The Mourning You Changed - text


Life was so perfect when we were in the garden.
We flourished. We grew together.
Like a rib taken from Adam, you were my Eve.
You taught me how to believe.
You were so beautiful to me. You were my best friend, the one who I could confide in.

Your laugh, your smile, made everything worthwhile.
Everything that I've ever known is crumbling beneath my feet.
You broke these promises you swore you'd keep.
I tried to make you remember me but you’ve already picked from another tree.

Dressed in disguise but now I see straight through you're lies. Serpent! Queen of deceit.
You manipulated my mind and hid your infidelity.
You took my innocence from me.
Our love wasn't enough and lust overcame.
No remorse, no apologies, and no shame.

Every morning I wake up wishing this was a just a dream.
Our garden withered and the weeds didn't rest.
There's a piece of you missing from my chest.
Not only a rib but a piece of me deep down.
Oh Bone of my bone lost in the garden never to be found.
Although we said "Forever,” you couldn't follow through.
God will heal these wounds and I'll move on without you

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