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I Will Become - text


This is the end of the road.
The sins I carried have left me cold.
The world has left me completely alone, so I've built this house on stone.
I have everything.
I contain every earthly release, yet why can't my soul find an ounce of peace?

It was all never enough to make me whole.
Free my soul.
Make me whole.
I was a broken man with a bottle in hand.
Four years later, you don't even walk or stand
Who is this man?
Dependent on pills and cheap thrills.
Who is this man I have become?
Every time I take advantage of your everlasting grace, I stumble again.

I spit in your face.
Most of the time, I long for comfort in my own mind.
Most of the time, I tend to regret the things I hide inside.
Take me. Change me. I will become a man of God.
This is how I was meant to live.
I'll give You everything left to give.
This is all I have left to give, so I'll give You everything God.(I am nothing at all)
You gave me purpose and now with Your spirit I will stand.

And now I know and now I know.
Before You, I was nothing but a broken man. And now I know, but now I know.
Through all the love that cast me aside, You were always with me.
You were always standing by my side.
Lord, awake my soul. Jesus, awake my soul. I will become whole.

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I Will Become

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