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This love is nothing but a nightmare.
I can only feel the cold.
There's nothing left here.
You left me alone to die without remorse or even saying goodbye.
You didn't even say goodbye.
Why would God put me or anyone in this freezing cold with no one left to hold?
When you left me, mother drank her life away.

How could you expect me to live my life this way?
Just take me back.
Take me back to a time when I felt the warmth of your hand in mine.
Just take me back.
How do you think I felt when you walked out that door?
You left me alone in this barren wasteland I call home.
Show me the love that I'm unworthy of.
Please show me.

I am unworthy.
This is me in my own mind.
Life goes on but I keep falling behind.
Please send me home.
Don't let me die alone.
The sun was so bright when you held me close.
Frozen in time.
Consumed by ice.
Can any words bring you back into my life?
A fire ignites within me.
It's made me realize how cold my life must be.
And even though you left me hopeless and broken, just know that I still forgive you.

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