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Clouded Mind - text


Fear consumes me.
Tired eyes and sweaty palms.
The clamor fills the room but apprehension fills my mind.
Anxiety strikes.
It defines me.
It rewinds me.
It reminds me.
Anxiety strikes.
Tunnel vision.
I panic.
Save me from this place.
Save me.

"What the hell is wrong with me?" Save me.
All these thoughts won't let me breathe.
This is the antidote to everything I know.
When my nerves are failing me and my pulse starts to slow.
This is the key that keeps my emotions from me.
I take a pill each day to keep my demons away.
Oh, it strikes again.

Fight or flight, I can't make up my own mind.
So tell me where is God in this?
I need a substance to sooth my soul.
Lord, have you neglected me?
I can't keep my thoughts under control.
Save me before it's all too late.
Rain on me.

Let your grace rain down on me.
Hold me close before I let go.
I have never felt this low.
Let your grace rain down on me.
Let you alone be enough for me.
I'm praying for a place where You take my pain away.
I can't think clearly.
Lord, did you hear me because my head is in the clouds?
All I see is darkness but You are the light.
My anxiety won't define me.
I will become who I'm meant to be.
I cast these burdens upon you Lord.
You will sustain me.
I will not be shaken.

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I Will Become

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