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Seventh Gate - text


Light, I can't believe my eyes
Sweet lullabies
Memories deep in my
Mind. At last I can awake
I finally brake
My chains of slumber

I will set free my sacred brothers
Masters of earth and the sky
The dance and song create the spell
Lock the gate

Damn! It must be just mistake
For heaven's sake
I'm dancing between crystal
Graves. I'm slowly going mad
I must be dead
Forever lonely

How can I find my scared brothers?
Creators of earth and the sky
The song is whist the dance is lout

Gates and enemies unite
My hope os lost in time and light
And the Dragon will fly
Fate can never be defined
The high lord is so proud and blind
But the new dawn shall burn

Earth was destroyed
Worlds were created
Worlds for ourselves and the mensch
The Gates connect the Gates unite


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