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Endless they roam Valkyrie ride
The Odin's great hall a hero with pride
Valhalla's gates have been thrown open wide,
Thrown open wide
In battle a death of distinction and fame
For the fearless and mighty
There's no earthly grave
Just the chamber of gods the maiden's your guide
Her heavenly touch even warrior's cry
As she leads them to odin's side,
Odin's great side.
The fasting, the splendour all heroes indulge
Yet the Valkyrie tribe are the ones
Who guide the hero's home, the warrior's home.
The journey before them on angel's wings spread
The path of the righteous no evil dare tread
Nonever has tread, no never has tread
The true ethereal plains even kings fear and hate
Yet a banquet before them eternally waits
But the mystical way holds secrets unknown
Whom to even the great shall not be impart
Forever a slave in the dark, forever a slave
To the pure divine, forever a slave,
A slave in the dark
To the pure divine,
To the Valkyrie tribe
In the mire the fallen left behind
The wretched, unworthy,
Contemptible, despised
They were banished
From Valhalla's halls
Regarded by Odin
As pointless fools
Never considered men,
Never to reign with them.
Can they mend their failed ways?
The sacred route to ancestral plains
Forever guarded the Valkyrie domain
No warrior great, no king obeyed,
No sword, no spear, no axe, no race
Shall conquer this realm
No never alive.
The mighty warrior
Endlessly guided home.

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