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My lord I know that I will be true, my body and soul are yours to use
A dream for me to join with my king.
Oh beautiful flower I have pluked from my land,
to be held by this great hand.
Is an honour, a gift - you'll receive my caress
And be blessed by the gods to be held by your king,
come join with your king
Come lay with me child surrender your arms.
You are my king and I cannot deny
I bring you this gift from the gods up above,
Oh sweetest of fruits, know that this is love
I cannot, I will not deny I must lie with you, but if your words be true why do I cry?
Silence is a gift child, do not defy me,
you're not the first nor will you be the last.
Scouring the land for the finest
I'll provide, for my desires on funeral pyres they'll lie
I will rise as you fall to your kness,
fate does not rule will makes the man
With fire and steel in the blade alone I stand,
I will rise as you fall to your knees
I control your future, bow down to your ruler
Embrace of your weakness, know that death awaits you.

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