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I'm the beast who creeps around
To awaken in your head
The darkest parts of mind and soul
By the devil you'll be led
Forever a part I'll dwell inside
Your heart will do the rest.
The beast declares your soul
Your mind your form his own
Forever now your dwell
Blackened tainted realms
Bleeding raping
The sadist feeding taking
Burnt and twisted your life
Belongs to him now.
You'll taste the metal drink it down
You'll tasste the metal hear the sound
Can you feel this beast alive?
Do you know it owns your soul?
Sacrifice the virgin son
His blood shall make amends
Ever alive the hills cry out
Reigning now the black winds bowl
Togheter till the end.
Can you feel this beast alive?
Do you know it owns your soul?
Forever on your knees
You'll cry begging out for more
As you writhe around upon the ground
The monster draws you near.
You'll taste the metal, you'll taste your tears
You'll be forever the pilgrim without fear
You'll kneel and worship before the Altar of steel
You'll know you're worth it
More than any man can feel.

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