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Lamentations (of War) - text

We are the ones with death in our eyes
Tears flood these plains as the reaper reigns.
War has a million faces of hate
Endless the blood, carnage and rage
One last desperate cry, humanity dies
In this field of red
Countless have fallen,
Been slain and betrayed
Images burn in my mind everyday.
To burn a hero for a piece of land
And watch the innocent die
For the sake of a plan.
This death toll rising I can take no more
Agony, torment the horror unfolds
A nightmare before us that endlessly grows
Boys with a future, men with a home
No longer with us their grave is unknown
How did this ever begin?
Power and greed lead to ultimate sin.
I am breaking, my heart racing
This soul aching emotions are numb
No more can I take,
I wish death everyday.
I lie waiting
For freedom to take me away.
Rancid leaders
With not one ounce of courage
Sending ordinary men
To fight for their ambitions.
No life is sacred none need be spared
The bodies are piled laid naked and bare
Those who declare this war
Sit in ivory towers
Where their sons shall rule
I have cried my last
My soul now belongs in the past.

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