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Though I ride into battle with steel by my side,
Though I know those who face me shall die
My father's blade before me, his shade stands before me
Lamenting the sins of my pride, the prophets they have spoken
Now my sword lies broken, and hope of all victory has died
Yet fight I must though my life be the cost,
My soul is damned straight to hell... I'll fight well!
My noble steed of purest black shall lead the vanguard in the attack
Riding hard down from the hills the life from their veins we shall spill
See the bloodlust in our eyes as coldest steel brings sacrifice
Their blood shall soak the battlefield we'll show no mercy never yield.
I will ride to face the night with sword by my side,
Mortal man will yield in fright with this steel as my guide
But now my blade is torn asunder I hear my father cry
Son inside you have the wonder and the power to defy.
I charge a swathe into their men none resist my mortal blows
Berzerker's rage sweeps over me as those before me turn to flee
I charge them down in mid-flight their lives surrender to my might
My broken blade still sings it's song the prophets surely must be wrong.
Yet now I face my mortal foe who takes my blade and lays me low
Yet I fear not my death and curse the gods with parting breath
Scream to the heavens my war cry, My war cry!

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