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I ride I bleed I survive I will kill to fece the night
A warrior till the end with Conquest as my guide.
The beast inside me defies my body screaming to die
I will rage over these lands to seek my enemy slain.
My steed and steel will spill blood in dead of the night
Endless the pain deep inside me I will have my revenge.
Every traitor who defied me your blood I will taste
My steel you will feel, your nemesis personified,
clad in armour forged in hell
With a sword from Lucifer's hand I'll tear your soul in two.
You breath and soul will end with the rage of my steel.
Mighty warrior exiled from light.
Forever to reign as the king of the night,
The earth as my bed I'm at one with the beasts
Drinking the blood of my enemies for all to see.
A nomad forever more I'll roam banished from light
The moon in the dead of the night.
Will guide me to the ends of the earth
I will reign a warrior king the Metal Gods watch over me
I will reign a warrior king
The Metal Gods watch over me!!!

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Conquest of Steel


Conquest of Steel texty

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