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Can't Stop the Metal - text

Like a furious anger like a beast in the night
With the red in our eyes and a spirit of might
The hell fires rage as the night comes alive
With the sound of true Metal to essence of life.
Can't stop can't stop the Metal now
Can't stop can't stop the Metal now
Can't stop can't stop the Metal
All through the night.
A funeral pyre of the worlds lesser forms
The blaze reaching Satan and all of his hordes
The glory of Metal reigning supreme
We are the chosen warriors of the night
Ready for the fight.
We are the descendants of the ancient kings, warrios of almighty steel.
A crown forged in fires by Lucifer's hand
A king is awaited for all of the land
The throne clad in crimson our enemy slain
The beast has arisen and the earth screams our name
Metal kings 666!!!!!!

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