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My people vex me, taking for granted what I have done
Their insurrection I shall avenge by poisonous deeds.
My wrath is mighty and growing, I'll see all traitors on their kness
I will not tolerate weakness,
I am the tyrant of which your dream,
of which your dream.
I was sent to guide you, lead you from your barbaric ways
A man devoted to his people and now you betray.
I will crush this rebellion, see the leaders whipped, hung and drawn
I'll be the serpent amongst you.
Ready to bite with venomous truth, with venomous truth.
Our king has faltered, spiralled into insanity, guided by delusions
As a people we have been betrayed, we are existing on borrowed time
Before this kingdom crumbles, one step away from a mighty abyss
Where our once great leader is swallowed
Let the rebellion rise, educate and arm the masses
Destroy this rule of tyranny, rouse an army amongst you
Together we will fight to be free, we will fight to be free.
I will crush this rebellion.
You shall not take from me that which makes me king of this land.
I am he your ruler, I am crowned your king
I am chosen for this throne, I am almighty eternally
I am almighty eternally.

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