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To Rule Them All - text

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After seeing much of England fall,
the Danes are standing at the door.
They have been paid to stay away,
but they’re asking ever more.
Time for us to all rise up,
where others failed I will succeed.
We will show them Wessex’ might
and all of England shall be freed.
Fate has put me on the throne,
though a priest I was to become.
I’m torn twixt bloodshed and my faith;
a strife to which I’ll not succumb.
For my Saxons need their king,
and to my duty I am bound.
With the blessing of Rome behind me,
as King Alfred I am crowned.
The Ancient ones will show me the way.
We will show them Saxons’ Law!
When they will fall we’ll retake the kingdom,
I am the one to rule them all!
At Ethandun they felt our wrath,
a bloody slaughter had begun.
The pagan hordes will bow to our god,
I’ll have them starving one by one.
I shall build a score of boroughs to keep invaders safely out.
We have a fleet that grows in might,
while we see the Vikings route.
Through the wisdom of the scroll,
I know to defeat the pagan swine.
And with approval from above,
I’ll be reclaiming what is mine.
Through knowledge we’ll regain our freedom,
Power through virtue and wisdom's reign.
We shall unite in learning and faith,
one Anglo-Saxon realm remains.
To Rule them all
To Rule them all

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