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Oh can it be, my eyes deceiving me, what have I become?
Aeons of time have passed since I once left my native home.
Now that the years have made me older I begin to see:
At every journey’s start, a sudden end will always be.
What if I never reach the summit?
My life’s still “destination unknown”.
Can it be there’s no end to my journeyman's days?
Will it be all worthwhile in the end?
I never found my peace in settling down on solid ground,
I had to see what lies beyond that fading light of day.
Every morning came with wondering where my steps should lead.
Undecided thoughts brought foreign ground underneath my feet.
Have I seen every shining reflection?
Did I smell every scent in the air?
Did I hear all the sounds that my head did surround?
Have I felt every touch that came by?
I have seen the world in glory and in misery.
Tried to leave an ample footprint of my history.
Now that it’s time for my last journey I look back and see,
That every choice I made had always pointed back at me.
What I’ve become and where I’m standing now was to my own device.
Leading my life this way has rendered me conscious, old and wise.

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Through the Ages

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