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Messenger of Kings - text

Running ‘cross the fields,
and the mountain road in front of me.
The trail ahead is but a long and dreadful way.
No path around that leads me to my destination,
Have to prepare myself to carry on.
Guide me through the darkest forests,
Shield me from sight.
In my charge I keep the Royal Secret,
I’m the Messenger Of Kings.
Running from my true besiegers,
Behind me and ahead.
They can not acquire what I carry,
I’m the Messenger Of Kings.
The summit lies ahead,
I hear them creeping up behind me.
Have to be fast and walk this narrow ledge.
Hot on my trail, the mercenaries of my mission.
Can I evade the blade that cuts me down this day?
I’m the Messenger of Kings.
And I must run,
Once I have passed my message on,
All is said and done.
My fears will all be gone,
At peace I can pass on.

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