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A Wanderer's Lament - text

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Good day innkeeper, pour me a drink,
I’m thirsty and I’d like to rest.
Got weary of travelling, sick of the road,
I long for a place to call home.
I have been so many a place,
And I’ve seen many things.
But nothing can bring a jump to my heart,
Numb as I am today.
Master innkeeper, kindhearted sir,
You know not the burden I bear.
It’s chased me ‘cross mountains, it’s chased me through dales,
But I cannot run from it still.
I can remember that bloody black day,
As if it were minutes ago.
Sunlit it was, yet night it still felt,
A shroud that I cannot shed
The shell of a man, in a prison-like state
Far beyond asking where and why
To live with a burden unable to share
Is reason enough to die
Can you, my friend, comprehend,
The malice that I have wrought?
The dear only knows my intentions were good,
Still my hands stained with blood.
Well my eyes were so full of greed and of lust,
I couldn’t see what was done.
Now will you, Innkeeper, feed the one soul,
That could not a many have fed?
What has been done cannot be undone,
It leaves a scar as you go.
What has been seen cannot be unseen,
Another thing that you know.
When I close my eyes I see them grieve,
Thousands and thousands of them.
I’ve fallen from grace, from riches to rags,
Yet pity I do not deserve.
Well innkeeper, sir, would you ever forgive,
if it were up to you?
And could you please give me a meal,
And a bed to rest my head?

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