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Is Never To Die - text

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I have slept so long, for so long
There lies my regret, sighing and grieving
Had I known I could tremble so
What now I know
I would never have shown my soul
Leaping, like an eager flame
After all, who is to blame?
There lies my regret, sighing and grieving
And as this evening falls
To close, for closed eyes
Take that backward glance
And see, see what lies behind
Recall the time when all the world just seemed to recline
Within our hands and was just washed away
Like the fleeting summer rain
Gentle memories of our finest day
Can we ever hope to regain
The innocence of youth?
The sordid truth
Our visions turn sour
All colours turn to grey
Goodbye my tender dreams
Is there a better day?
To live on in hearts is never to die

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