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White Trash with Money - text


Well I mighta been born just poor white trash
But I sold a million records and made a little cash
Now the doctors and the lawyers don't think it funny
That they're living next door to white trash with money

I was born on the wrong side of the tracks
I quit school early and I never went back
The rich kids all looked down on me
They said as good as them was something I'd never be

I started playing my guitar to earn a few bucks
Singing my song to a room full of drunks
Then a record man heard me down at Kitty's bar
He said, come on to Nashville and I'll make you a star


I bought a big house on top of the hill
A brand new Harley and a Coupe de Ville
The neighbors all cried when I moved in
It seems real estate's cheaper than it's ever been

Now the radio plays all the Railroad songs
I lay around the pool and listen all day long
This country boy's life sure turned out swell
And if the neighbor's don't like it, they can all go to...


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Video přidala Maribel

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