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I'm up and gone everyday at dawn just a workin' like a regular dog
To keep the woman and the water and the lights and the phone turned on
I've been sayin' "Yes sir" all day at work, I've been sayin' "Yes maam" at home
Savin' up my cuss words and keepin' 'em under my tongue
I need a little time off for bad behavior
The devil in me done been asleep too long
I need a little time off for bad behavior
It looks like I been too good for too long
Well I went to a company party, I didn't even drink enough to get high
I met a preppy little wimp I shoulda whipped but I let him slide
Ol' Hambone McGraw got the law paid off dealing blackjack Saturday nights
And I could triple my take-home pay if it weren't for my wife
I got a number on my mind that I been a fightin' off the urge to call
A hot, hell-raisin' blonde bomb with a Southern drawl
Some good-old boys called collect from Mississippi, said the fishin' been a missin' me
And I could sure get it up for a smoke and a Delta Queen

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