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Abilene airport 6 am
He had a teary little woman hangin' on to him
Sayin' "promise me Billy, you'll call me when you reach LA"
He said "I'm keepin your number honey, right up here"
He was tappin on his temple but the point was clear
He had no intention of ever comin back, no way
He was long gone
Long, Long gone
Skippin like a stone
He packed up his heart
And he was long gone
Two packs of peanuts and a Canada Dry
Had him thinkin' what a luxury is was to fly
It was the best way out of a love that wasn't meant to last
Repeat Chorus
Two years later on a TV show
He saw a teary little woman that he used to know
Sayin' "Lord yes Oprah, He left me back in Abilene"
She flashed his picture for the world to see
Said "if anybody knows this lousy S.O.B."
Tell him Junior's hungry ain't nothin in this world that's free
Repeat Chorus

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