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The Sky is a Poisonous Garden - text

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The stars above shine down below
The fever you hold on this night
Deathly cold
I can feel from this side of the door
I can feel Eleanor
He said, sun don't rise
He said sun don't shine
He said don't bring tomorrow
To justify tonight
The moon is full-the stars are bright
And the sky is a poisonous garden
Sip your Tequila.
Give me some time
To unlearn all I've learned for the
spring to unwind
And then came your sweet mouth
I began to move mine.
They knew with the dawn
They knew with the day
They knew what they had
Would be young naked prey
And attacked from all sides
By a world filled with
Poison and hate
Eleanor trembles.
Eleanor moans.
Somehow, this body is someone
She always has known
She cries tears on his chest
O so silent and slow-
She said please don't go.
Please don't go
And she cried and she died in his arms
And he cried nevermore
The moon is full, the stars are bright
And the sky is a poisonous garden

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