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Time has com, turn around
See another day
You have to find your way
Look behind, see the past
Enormous decay
A gloomy sight in grey
All the years past away
In such misery
Now it's time to be free
People cried, people died
For the anarchy
Their closed eyes could not see
No more oppression
You will fight to be free
Stop the fraud, erode strangers
You live to survive
No regrets are to come
Future is to be
A short straw ends in hell
Utilize what you know
Like a hallowed spell
Decide whare you will dwell
Remember the hard times
No ingratitude
To recede is to lose
No time for probation
No time retreat
Go for the final beat
No more oppression...
End all the fear
Won't face a new disaster
End all the fear
Obtain a place to grow old
End all the fear
A winner and creator
End all the fear
You will live to see the light
No more oppression...

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