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Among the Gods - text

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A new victim
Another foe
Soldiers pitch for the guns of believers
A battlegound
A fight for god
One more dying and the peace will be near
You face the sky
Before you die
This war will be a fight for the sacred
Too late to cry
Too late ty try
Bear the burden, a staring, hallowed eye
Stop, realize
What's going on
A holy war
Stop, face it now
You cannot win
A holy war
Among the gods
You're marching blindly to the certain death
Don't bow down, rise your head
Conceiling power, hallowed by thy name
I live, you die in shame
Stop, realize...
Is this the freedom
Or an absurd world
Final solution
Severe rules of life
Nothing to die for
No reason to live
Just pay off your bill
A creators will

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