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With the right kind of people
you could certainly put a slight dent in the walls.
It’s foundation built on tearing us down,
little by little. Turn it around.
I don’t know a lot of people
who have given as much of their lives and dedicated
theirs minds and souls so fervently
to the vision intact. Realize the power at hand.
Realize the power at hand.
Redesigning evil spit the right words making public disheveled.
As the poison spreads, who will shake these vultures down?
All set to realize ours, but these lights, these lights are blinding.
Split the tension underlining it all.
Redefining people, realize the power at hand.
This earth has opened up to see,
and the new world, new world’s getting smaller.
and the new, new world’s getting even smaller.
Refining the security.
Do you feel like the walls are closing in
Do you feel like the walls are closing in
or is it just me while I’m here getting caught up to speed.
I’m for it. I’m for it. I’m for it.
(I’m all for it)
When there’s a line between progress and greed,
And if we want to get caught up to speed.
(I’m all for it)
Can we breathe out new life in the air?
Send out a wave. Use this as ammunition
against the vultures that prey on the public’s addiction.
They’re creating the symptoms + cures. Use this as ammunition.
As long as I have a voice I must stay awake, I can’t lose this vision.
I’ll be right here watching the walls collapsing in.
The walls collapsing in.
And they set up the vulnerable.
This climate brings fear and intimidates
(and intimidates, and intimidates)
Set up the vulnerable. Crushing the vulnerable. Is this progress?

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Symptoms + Cures


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