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Turn Back The River - text


is this your promised land?
is this what you really want?
is this your fucking way?
is this your life or not?

do you belive in god?
do you really belive in men?
did you ever really fall in love?
can you really understand the sense?

can you feel the rhythm of your heart?
can you hear what i am singing now?

i've got my credit card
i've got my tv set
i know the ways of stars
but i've got no myself

we live in a wasted land
we live in empty rooms
there are the broken monuments
there are the thousand stupid books

can you feel the....

in our foggy towns
we are the shadows of being
our silly heads in clouds
our things like smoke from chimneys

can you....

the power of freedom
the power of spaces
is making me stronger
i'm living the wrong way
the power of spaces
the power of freedom
i can be an angel
i can turn back the river

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