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Passage To Eternity - text


You have become a foe to your own existence
Slave to your own nightmares, reality is fading away

Like a wretched curse the shadows crawl over you
The temple of echoing thoughts where your tortured self is punished
World is only a distant shade of a dream long lost
Mirror escapes your image as you've killed yourself with shame

You have become an epitome of guilt and fear
Carrying your own hearse to a place where you'll bury yourself alive

Human existence is nothing from universal perspective
Human existence is nothing compared to a weight of centuries
We'll die in our time

All the values are degraded and laws wiped away from dust
Every little gleam of hope is vanished before our eyes
We'll live while being dead

Searching for answers, but they'll remain hidden from you
Searching for comfort, but all the keys are lost
Searching for painless moment, but everything remains the same
Searching for divinity, but all the gods are dead
Searching for justice, but its door is closed from you
Searching for light, but darkness is impenetrable

Is this life only illusion and vast torture chamber as reality
Behind closed doors you writhe not knowing the reason why you suffer

Is this life merely a shadow of death where living dead wander
Is the only salvation to flee from the hands of time
You've already faced your enemy

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