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Dok Je Tebe jsem Ljubavi - text


Now let me take you on a voyage
To the heaven and back.
Check out the new sound.
Colonia is in the house.
There´s no angel like you
In heaven and earth.
I´m guard by your side.
I´ll take away your hurt.
You´re deep in my heart
And my love is true.
Everything I have belongs only to you.
The colours in your eyes
Are rainbow to the stars.
Make me fly,
Make me blind
So I drown in light.
Now I´m ready to kiss you
From the head to toe.
Take this chance on me,
Don´t let this feeling go.

Kao da je vrijeme uhvaćeno
U tvom zagrljaju.
Vidim tvoje suze,
Čujem tvoj bol
Dok ti oči sanjaju.
Mi smo samo zrno pod zvjezdanim nebom,
Mi smo samo tren u vječnosti.
I ovaj život nikad neće stati
Dok je tebe i ljubavi.

Yeah, love is not a game.
I don´t wanna play
If you´re wrong or right.
No matter day or night.
I´ll stand by your side
And always treat you right.
Forever and a day
I will be your man.
Whenever you need me
I´ll do the best that I can.
After all this time
I´m still in love with you.
Because loving you
Is only thing that I do.
If you leave me girl,
I wouldn´t make it throught.
I couldn´t go on cause,
I can´t live wihout you.

Now let me take you on a voyage
To the heaven and back.
All the angels in the heaven sing,
All the people on earth say:
Check out the new sound.

Text přidal michael95

Video přidal atblatex

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