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Song For Your Tears - text


How am i supposed to let go of this feeling
How am i supposed to erase this image of your sweet face
When it seems like just yesterday
we made a promise of love that i'm about to break
How do i walk away after all these years
nd all i can give is a song for your tears

Now we both know that the light of our love has been fading
When i come home tell you about my day
you don't hear a word that i say
We carry on like nothings wrong
we can change up the words but it's the same old song
Now i've got to say what we don't want to hear
and all i have left is a song for your tears

We can try to disguise what we're both feelin inside
We learned how to love, we learned how to cry
Can we Learn how to say goodbye

So it's done, the card are all out on the table
I've packed up my bags; i'm ready to go
But theres something i want you to know
everyday that we shared i'll never regret
and the love that we made i will never forget
But all of those days have long dissappeared
and all that remains is a song for your tears

All that remains is the heartache and pain
I kno i made a promise to ya baby
But i was wrong so wrong
i'm so sorry baby, i'm so sorry baby

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