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She'll Never Know - text


[Verse 1:]
She was from the other side of town
A place where skin like mine just ain't around
A place of unwritten laws and ancient ways where no one dares to stray
But as our destiny's were laughin, some how we came to be close friends
And now i'm haunted by this crazy secret thats got me cryin till the end

How much i wanted, How i needed to let my feelings show
How much my heart overflowed, she'll never know
How much i loved her, i couldn't hurt her
so i had to let her go
how much it tortures my soul, she'll never know

[Verse 2:]
Everytime she looked into my eyes
i knew that all she wanted was a sign
ohh, but that was the one thing i couldn't do cause of all the hell they'd put her through
They would cast her aside forever and i could never watch her be disowned
There's just no way i won't put her through it and that's why she'll never know


It hurt so bad to be denied a reason,
there is no reason
It was too much to keep inside all i could say was good-bye

[Chorus x2]

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