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What can kill you from A to Z - text

In life you have choices,
the healthy and not.
And sometimes it's tricky to choose
what you ought.
So if you are wondering,
what makes you ill.
It's easy to know,
because, everything will
A is for Alcohol, source of addiction,
liver diseases and other afflictions.
So how about water? That might be okay,
But if it's in plastic... there is B - BPA,
C is for corn syrup, soda pop uses,
and also for carbs found in sugary juices,
D .. dehydration, You still have to drink
Though all these beverages seem like they stink,
eating too little or too much to count,
E is for eating, in perfects amount,
and eating somethings that you shouldn’t consume,
Cause thousands of dishes, will lead to your doom,
F is for fried food thats filled up with fat
Gluten for G, if you buy into that,
H is for Hotdogs, who knows how there made,
I for insecticide, veggies are sprayed
J is for jerky, with way too much salt,
And K is for Kale, it’s also at falut,
"but isnt it healthy?"
im glad that you ask,
cabbages and kale make tiroides too fast
"forget about eating I’ll just go outside"
But that is even where more Dangers can Hide
L is for Lyme disease, carried by tics,
Malaria M That mosquitoes Inflict,
N Indiaetl Toluiamide,
it kills all the bugs, and it kills your inside
O is for Oxygen, less Recreation,
P for pollution, each inhaliation,
Q is for Quicksilver, Fishing is rekt,
R deadly Radon, thats Hard to detect
S is for sunscreen, but also the sun
both give you cancer, now isn't that fun?
T for tobacco U V for UV,
W watching way too much TV,
X as expected is X dash and Ray,
Y is suprisingly Yerba Mate
Z is for zealotry, any insistence that you found a key,
to eternal existence, You cant avoid
danger, just go on and try no matter your actions,
you'll still gonna die.

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