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Looking through the tarmac rain
At the rows of giant birds
They're all feeding at the gates
There are tails from all over the world
A million people in between
Hurry by the TV screens
And I just sit here missing a girl
Cuppa coffee, airport bench
Carry on, and me
Something messed up my connection
To where I want to be
Something happened, the line dropped out
Something she don't wanna talk about
And I just sit here missing a girl
Overhead the speakers tell me
One more delay
I hear the numbers
But my heart's a million miles away
She made it clear we could still be friends
But she won't be there to meet me at the other end
And I just sit here missing a girl
She made it clear
I try to see it through these tears
I know it's true
And I just sit here missing a girl

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