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All ye heavy laden,
All ye heavy hearted,
All ye heavy burdened,
Oh come,
The Lord will give you rest,
Oh come, He will give you rest.
Come and be filled,
Come and be healed,
Come and be filled,
By the spirit of the Lord
By the spirit of the Lord
All Ye,
He said if I've been lifted up,
All Ye,
I will draw men,
All Ye,
He said come unto me,
All Ye,
Yo, yo, yo.
You can lead a horse to water,
Cant make him drink,
Give a man a brain,
Can't make him think,
You can smile all day,
And not be happy,
And you get your hair did,
It can still be nappy,
You can sleep all night,
And not get no rest,
You can be number one,
And not be the best,
Everybody aint out drinking juice and gin,
Some of us love the Lord and were living for Him,
You can know where you stand at,
And still be lost,
I got a new life for free,
And boy did it cost,
Humble thyself in the sight of the Lord,
Say all ye come in one mind and one accord.

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