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Look, let me tell you my story.
I was a boy, when a met a world correy.
So, now you hate this jealousy and envy.
That's just reminds me that.
These sleepless nights, let me catch my dreams.
They said, money would changed me,
But all really did changed was loves of my family.
You know what's crazy?
I'm gonna pay to be in MCM,
And you're gonna be kiddin'
Like a girl who's got take plan B,
'Cause girl not told me I would need plan B.
You know, a collage degree,
But that wasn't for me.
Back deny was skip that test.
Now, I'm sitting in the next class,
And if you looking my life for the magnefyne glass,
You would see that all you need is succeed.
It's to believe and yourself.
And trust that all you need is yourself no one else.
Have faith not doubt.
Follow your passion.
Day and day out. I'm out.

(to nejde :D prosím, někdo to doplňte :D)

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