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For All You Are - text


Glance to break you away from her.
A bond you sanctioned by sound
and honored with a lack of penetration.
Eating daisies and licking roses,
the bitter fruits of bickering politicians.

And there he stood a model of perfection.
Careless and fit with contempt for me.
Could you predict this before you.
Did you fall to your knees in guilt.
Could you fake a single tear
to tide over his want of righteousness.

What would it take?
Time to sort out your mind still crippled by deviance?
Take it off and show yourself.
I touch not out of want or need.
I haven't the taste for bitterness.
I touch nothing for it's all you are.

There's that thought again.
There's no one here but you and me.
No one needs to know a thing.
It's a done deal, I'll slip in.
What happens on the road.
Will stay on the road.
Don't think less of me, I'm just a man with needs.
I won't tell you twice to get out of my head
and stay awake behind locked doors.

And there she stood a model of temptation.
Again, wet and willing with no faith in me.
Still I passed your twisted test
whether in the flesh or in my dreams.
Get out of my head and stay awake behind closed doors.
Come not with me to correct and condemn.
Get out of my bed and stay awake.

Text přidal Kochac

Text opravil DevilDan

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