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7 Jam - text


Everything Gonna Be All-Right

I Went Deep Down Into That River Now. I Rose Up.
I Felt That Sun Beat Down Upon This Sinner's Face.
I Went Deep In That Water Now. I Rose Up.
I Felt That Sun Beat Down Upon My Face

Everything Gonna Be All-Right

So The I Smash The Palace Like The Son Of Samson,
Hollerin' Louder Than All Of Bedlam,
Take Me To Higher Ground,
The Bury My Body Six Feet Down.
I Walked Forty Miles Out Into That Desert Now.
Wailed And Moaned, Till A Lion, He Called My Name.
And He Said That Old Ship Of Zion Is Taking Way Way Out,
Out Into Outer Space.
And He Said Everything Gonna Be All-Right

I Climbed The Highest Of The Heights.
Atop That Mountain I Watched The Day Turn Into Night.
Oh I Tell You I Was A Wretched Sight,
But I Stood Long And Hard Until The Light.
Rubbing Needles In My Eyes, Eating Dirt.

I Stood Up, And Everything Was All-Right.

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