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Substitute - text


You've been waiting much too long now

It looks like she's not coming home


You've been loyal

True and faithful

All this time with being alone.

If I could get that same dedication

I'd give you everything in creation

If she doesn't come back....

R: I'll be your substitute

Whenever you want me (oo-hoo)

Don't you know I'll be your substitute

Whenever you need me

every day you waited for her
I've been waiting here for you
all this time
I've been lonely
I know what you've been going through

I'll wait until my chances occur
Cause you can't keep relying on her
If she doesn't come back

Each day by your window you sit and sigh

Hoping to see her face

Oh, you might as well forget about her

And find someone to take her place
(If she doesn't come back...)


Text přidal Cliff

Videa přidal Cliff



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