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Monotony Is My Middle Name - text


It's wearing thin, the same routine over and over again.
I don't need to look; it's no surprise.
This monotony will be the death of me.
I can't hold on, so don't let go.
I need change; these four walls have always looked the same.
They're closing in no matter where I turn.
So lock the door and hope for the best!

Will someone show me the way out of here?
me away; my arms are open oh so wide.
Scream out loud; this is more than I can
Break these away; break down the walls I built so high.

As good as it gets, try as I might I have nothing left.
Don't tie the noose around my neck.
Clarity is what I need tonight.

So hold up your head; this isn't the end.
There's so much more for you out there!

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