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I’ve had enough of all these empty words!
This is not me giving up; this is me letting go
When hope is gone there’s nowhere left to run
I’m not running anymore; this is where I stand my ground!
For far too long complacency has been my only friend
And left me with sleepless nights that never seem to end
My God when did I become so heartless?
This can’t be what I’ve been living for!
I swore this fire would never burn out
These days I see it lingering
Where are the hands that I have come to trust?
This means to much to me to let slip through my hands
And even when my strength fails me I will still stand
I will not be pushed aside
Hopelessness and emptiness have no place in me
This may be the death of me, so be it
For so long I wish that this cup could be passed from me
But now I am starting to see this has been what set me free
And even though I may not understand why I walk down this bitter path, full of my regret
I can trust that I am never alone

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We Will Overcome

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