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Money will control us, tryna show you what it, does when I create a million dreams
When I'm in my head asleep
I move slow as the cops do, only been necessary
Not pretending I'm not cool, I know I am a villain, you jealous
Here with them semis, now I'm guarding my head pretending my vision is blurry
I'm faded

Raise up, they tryna' chase us, no cats and dogs
My razor claw, shred apart, canine niggas that bark
This my ninth life, dabbing pot type
Human torch mics, chopper sound bite
That's yo' mind, get your head right
Gold ink in my pen, green blood testaments, making sex
Generation X, we up next, no Khaled we the best
Future looking strong like we gon' recruit Lebron
And the other four players, Jordon, Magic, Bird and John
Stockton, my shooters locked in, gunning for top wins
And when the plot, mental sword in my way quick
Spice ain't down my path, solar slash when the lords spit
Issa Khan shit,mighty ape guard my fortress
Issa dreading up, they be dreading us, twisting up
Where we put our trust, they can't lock me up, sorry bruh
Gifted Mafia, super cynical delightful drugs
Enter in my store, lucid dream shout out our rifle slugs

Try to keep eyes in focus, them demons riding for torture
Fuck what they taught you, soldier
Relearn your knowledge, we change and alter the stream of water
The game, don't be another machine
So slave em', I'm raising shackles, I free my mind through the strains
Only you could define your name, live in truth and ignite the flame
Choose the booth now you find your lane, hit the hookah and I feel no pain
So is you certified? Indigo the gang, and we open minds
Don't be hypnotized, by the government and they fucking lie

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Clockwork Indigo EP

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